Proposal B

2345 Finch West and 3415 Weston Road


A new mixed-use, multi-building development located at the southeast corner of Weston & Finch.

new rental buildings
square metre public park
square metre POPS (privately-owned publicly accessible space)

Project Highlights

Completing the Master Plan with new rental housing, public park and outdoor space, retail space, and enhanced connections


Completing the Master Plan

Together, by working with the community and local stakeholders on this proposal, we look forward to completing the vision for a mixed-use master planned community, adjacent to higher-order transit, at Weston and Finch.


New public park and outdoor space

A new park and series of publicly accessible outdoor spaces will form the heart of this master planned community. We are excited to work with the community on a number of innovative and exciting design and programmatic possibilities for the new park and surrounding outdoor spaces.


Providing essential rental housing

There is an immense need for more rental housing in Toronto. This proposal alone will contribute over 2,200 purpose-built rental units to an area of the city which will also be very well served by the future Finch West LRT.


Developing close to transit

Located adjacent to the planned Emery station on the upcoming Finch West LRT line, this is an opportunity to build a community connected to transit - moving people within the neighbourhood and the city. It is also an opportunity to increase ridership on the Finch West LRT line, supporting the public investment in important transit infrastructure.


Introducing new retail

This proposal will bring over 1,200 m2 of retail space to the southeast corner of Weston and Finch. While we have yet to secure any retailers for the space, we would be happy to hear the community’s thoughts and ideas on what new retail is desired in the area.


Enhancing access and connections

A series of pedestrian pathways passing through the site will open this corner up to, and more fully integrate the site with, the Weston and Finch intersection and planned Emery LRT station. In doing so, this proposal will bring new pedestrian activity and an animated public realm to the area. Furthermore, a new driveway linking Vena Way and Zappacosta Drive with Finch Avenue West will improve vehicular access both within the site and neighbourhood.


Find out more about this proposal in the following list of key documents and resources

Architecture & Design

Architectural Plans

Landscape Plan

Shadow Study


Planning & Urban Design Rationale

Public Consultation Strategy Report

Transportation Study

Draft Official Plan Amendment

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment 569-2013

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment No. 7625

Other Reports & Resources

Cover Letter

Project Data Sheet

Development Application Forms

Arborist Report

Architectural Plans

Land Use Compatibility Assessment

Environmental Noise Feasibility Study

Toronto Green Standards Checklist

Stormwater Management Report

Geotechnical Investigation Report (Block 3)

Wind Study

Geotechnical Investigation Report (Block 4)

Site Survey

Hydrogeological Review Summary (Phase 3)

Site Grading Plan

Hydrogeological Review Summary (Phase 4)

Servicing Utility Plan

Interim Hydrogeological Investigation (Phase 3)

Archaeological Assessment

Interim Hydrogeological Investigation (Phase 4)

Review and Entry into the Ontario Public Register of Archaeological Reports


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We submitted our application on December 17, 2020.

Proposal A is located southwest of the Finch and Weston intersection - a 30-storey rental building with a daycare at ground level.

Proposal B is located on the southeast corner of Finch and Weston and is part of a master planned mixed-use community that is already partially built on the other side of Weston Road.

While we are coordinating the development efforts as much as possible, in order to ease the integration of the new buildings into the community, they are being planned and constructed separately.

We are very early on in the application review process, and it takes time. We don’t expect any changes to the site to occur until 2023 at the earliest.