Proposal A

2405 Finch West and 3400 Weston Road


A new rental building located southwest of Weston & Finch.

Situated in the landscaped area between 3400 Weston Road and Lindy Lou Park, this new apartment building will provide more rental housing to the area, as well as including:

  • Outdoor and indoor amenity space,
  • Daycare space,
  • Parking for bikes and vehicles,
  • Pedestrian pathways and connections, and
  • Access between Weston Rd and Finch West in the form of a new driveway.

Project Highlights

Providing much needed rental housing, daycare space, and improved connections


Adding and retaining rental housing

This new building will contribute 403 new rental units to the area, providing our communities with greater access to rental housing at a time when the vacancy rate is 1.5% across the city. The buildings and units at 2405 Finch West and 3400 Weston Road will be maintained, and existing residents will be consulted throughout the process.


Improving outdoor space

We are planning to make improvements to the outdoor amenity space, which would be thoughtfully designed to respect the area’s existing parks and greenspace, such as Lindy Lou Park to the west. We are open to ideas any ideas you have for what the area surrounding the buildings could become!


Providing new connections

A new driveway linking Weston Road with Finch Avenue West, as well as the addition of new pedestrian pathways, will improve access not just to the site, but throughout the neighbourhood.


Modernizing daycare space

To continue serving the area’s residents and families, the existing daycare at 2405 Finch Ave West will eventually be relocated to the proposed building in a brand new space.


Find out more about this proposal in the following list of key documents and resources

(S1) refers to documents submitted as part of the initial planning application in August 2020.

(S2) refers to documents that are a part of the application resubmission in March 2022.

(S3) refers to documents that are apart of the application resubmission in February 2023.

Architecture & Design

Shadow Study (S2)

Functional Design Review (S3)

Architectural Plans (S3)

Landscape Plan (S3)


Planning Application Checklist (S1)

Planning & Urban Design Rationale (S1)

Public Consultation Strategy Report (S1)

Transportation Study (S1)

Planning Addendum Letter (S2)

Updated Transportation Study - Memo (S2)

Development Plan (S3)

Draft Official Plan Amendment (S3)

Planning Addendum Letter (S3)

Comment Response Matrix (S3)

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment No. 7625 (S3)

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment 569-2013 (S3)

Updated Transportation Study (S3)

Other Reports & Resources

Development Approval Form (S1)

Rental Housing Declaration Form (S1)

Survey (S1)

Energy Strategy Report (S1)

Floodline Impact Assessment (S1)

Natural Heritage Impact Study (S2)

Geohydrology Assessment (S2)

Geotechnical Report (S2)

Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment (S2)

Cover Letter (S3)

Project Data Sheet (S3)

Arborist Report (S3)

Toronto Green Standards Checklist (S3)

TRCA Comment Responses (S3)

Stormwater Management Report - Part 1 (S3)

Stormwater Management Report - Part 2 (S3)

Grading Plan (S3)

Servicing Plan (S3)

Wind Study (S3)

Resubmission Form (S3)

Please visit the City of Toronto’s Application Information Centre, type ‘3400 Weston Rd’, and select ‘Application Details’ for more information about the planning application review process.


Get answers to common questions or ask your own question here

We submitted our original planning application in August 2020, and in March 2022 and February 2023, we submitted to the City revisions to our initial planning application.

Proposal A is located southwest of the Weston and Finch intersection, and we are proposing a 30-storey rental building with improved connections and outdoor space.

Proposal B is located on the southeast corner of Weston and Finch and is part of a master planned mixed-use community that is already partially built on the other side of Weston Road.

While we are coordinating the development efforts as much as possible, in order to ease the integration of the new buildings into the community, they are being planned and constructed separately.

We are very early on in the application review process, and it takes time. We don’t expect any changes to the site to occur until 2024 at the earliest.

There are no changes planned for either buildings at 2405 Finch Avenue West & 3400 Weston Road, other than continued improvements and regular maintenance work. We will continue to keep you informed and updated throughout the process. At any time, if you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or via email at